REVIEW: My Experience Trying The ‘Cinderella Solution’ Workout Program

Welcome back everyone, and welcome to my first (honest) review!

If you’ve been on the internet at all recently (which I’m sure is everybody because of the Coronavirus closures), you definitely have probably been like me looking up new workouts, recipes and more motivation – and I’m sure you also have heard of the popular Cinderella Solution workout program.

Long story short, I gave it a shot (starting a few months ago) and I’m going to share my (honest) opinion and review of the program – is it worth your money, and does it even work?!

Like many, I care about my weight, look and have not the greatest confidence (even that is hard to admit), so I love working out and trying to be fit-concious whenever I can. I’m not going to kid anyone and say it is easy all the time because it really isn’t, so like most I am to blame for looking up secrets, tricks, and tips that don’t exist quite frequently hoping there’s something that could make my life easier.

So naturally, when I first discovered the Cinderella Solution you bet I was skeptical and for good reason – many times have I invested money into these programs and get nothing but empty promises and broken dreams… and turn my bank account upside down. But with the blog in mind, I said let’s do it!

I researched as much as I could about the Cinderella Solution program, and it had some promising stats and studies done on it, but honestly the thing that really caught my eye was the transformation pictures and stories of other women who’ve done the program and had results.

One thing I liked was on their homepage they talk about a woman named Carly, who tried everything to get back her slim body she had in her 20’s and she wasn’t able to using some other programs she went through. She finally tried Cinderella Solution, and it worked for her, she lost over 84 pounds, which is amazing!
Taken from the Cinderella Solution page (no copyright intended).
Taken from the Cinderella Solution page (no copyright intended).

That’s Carly, and to me I loved how happy, confident and how rocking she looked (woo Carly)! She even shared at one point she noticed her husband looking at other women when she was around which I mean is a whole other topic, but that would crush me personally if I had that experience.

So huge shoutout to Carly, because when I read more into her story and saw her transformation pics, I was in and ready to give the Cinderella Solution program a shot!

All in all, I loved the program (that simple)! One, because I got results funny enough, feeling more confident in myself, my body, and even other people around me starting noticing it (which I mean does not hurt haha)!

One thing that really spoke to me is not having to go to the gym, not having to buy tons of extra equipment, and not having to pay those annoying monthly memberships, as I was able to do the entire program from the comfort of my home and with me when I travelled!

All I needed was a set of dumbbells, and I chose to get some elastic bands and used my yoga mat (for my back) to up the challenge, but I always hated going to the gym and being started down by other people there INSTANTLY feeling judged and ready to call it early… Not this time, the workouts were quick, I didn’t have a depressing diet to follow and again, results too!

If you are a fellow woman in her mid to late 30’s or later, and want to try or have tried other programs before, give the Cinderella Solution a shot. Do some research and watch their awesome videos, read Carly’s story because you’ll learn exactly how this is tailored for you.

No, you’re not doing crazy exercises, or weird diets, or fasts that are just silly. This program is built with you and your age in mind, as what many programs forget to mention is the fact that our metabolisms decline as we age (unfortunately) and as women we have a different set of factors we have to include and recognize with our bodies, so not a lot of the other programs work as they don’t consider this. The Cinderella Solution was created by a fellow woman who did her research, found out what really does work and got the body she dreamed of while in her late 30’s.

It is possible, and this program makes it happen. Forget about wearing about those baggy clothes to hide your figure, or feeling upset and beneath others because your confidence isn’t all there. I’ve been there and I can say it is so much better on the other side, and this program did in face help me get there.

I invite you to take advantage of the Cinderella Solution program as I had amazing results with it, and it did do something for me. Plus, they have an awesome deal going on right now where they have the Cinderella Accelerator separate program bundled for free if you get the regular program.

And keep in mind, the program only costs a few coffee’s unlike the hundreds to thousands of dollars many of the others cost. I’ve always been someone who, dare I say, was a little on the cheaper side – I say I’m ‘financially responsible’ haha, but this program was well worth the investment.

Give it a try! I would love to hear any of your thoughts and experiences below and hopefully some of you can give me your honest feedback too about the program!

Until next time, keep safe from the Coronavirus and see you later!

*The links associated with my post are affiliate links, but this is a product I stand behind having used it myself and believe it is a quality solution for others therefore recommending it. I may be compensated if purchased.*